Holotropic Breathwork – Intensive Healing Weekend for Women & Men

Holotropic Breathwork ~ Intensive Healing Weekend for Women & Men

About This Retreat:
  • 2 Retreat Dates: June 17 – 18,  September 30 – October 1
  • Session Facilitator: Heloisa da Silva Porto
  • Fee: $375

This is a 1 ½ day retreat with an overnight stay beginning at 9 am on Saturday and ending at 2:00 pm on Sunday.

Holotropic therapy, according to Grof, is a self-correcting technique. It allows the organism (which includes the body and all the levels of the unconscious and the soul) to emerge new thoughts and paradigms about the nature of the universe. This therapy allows the individual to experience and reconcile the many issues that surround birth and death (prenatal experiences) as well as experiencing the world differently than just the mere physical and mundane (transpersonal realms).

Breath-work is the key for inducing the state of consciousness necessary for the experiential state. The client’s breathing is sped up to induce hyperventilation, which changes the consciousness of the individual. The goal is to have the individual breathe faster and more efficiently than usual while full concentration and awareness is directed toward his inner process. Grof have noticed that some individuals feel “a sense of expansion and well being, and visions of light. The individual can be flooded with feelings of love and a mystical connection to other people, nature the entire cosmos and God.” (p.171)

Through the weekend we will do a few rounds of holotropic breathwork and some exercises of integration and full embodiment including yoga practices to open the body and integrate the experiences as well as creative shamanic rituals according to the needs of the participants.

Contact Heloisa da Silva Porto for registration and/or further information:
heloporto10@gmail.com, www.heloisa-porto.com

About Heloisa: Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO) assisting clients with trauma, depression, anxiety, spiritual search and others for their better emotional and spiritual development. She is in private practice since 1997. Studied and practice SRT – Spirit Releasement Therapy with the author of this methodology in 2003 and has been teaching it since 2008, bringing her deep understanding of these phenomena also through the lenses of ancient shamanic traditions.  Among many other trainings as Somatic Psychology, Regression, Shamanic Practices, Heloisa is an initiated Elder of the Dagara African tradition in the West.