Reiki Level 1 Training and Retreat

About this Day retreat and training:
  • Training Date: Saturday, Sept 9th
  • Teacher: Shalene Simoes from Paz Wellness ~ 
  • Invesment: $275

Reiki is a gateway to a whole new way of living and can change the way we view the life around us. I have a deep belief in the understanding that everything is energy and the importance of how we give, accept and protect it. We all have the ability to send healing to ourselves and others if we choose to do so. My Reiki Level I class explains the history behind Reiki, the body’s main energy centres and energy protection. You will also be attuned to the first two symbols of Reiki and will learn how to give self-Reiki and Reiki to others.

Rising Spirit is a beautiful retreat surrounded by all the elements and nature, which is something that was important to me to have when teaching Reiki to others. This class is intentionally curated as an experience for students, so that they can immerse themselves in practices that will help them to feel what it’s like when their energetic vibrations are raised. In addition to the teaching, I will guide you through various modalities I use in my daily practice – yoga, meditation and breathwork. You will also experience a sound healing session by a special guest of mine.

  • Those interested will have the option to experience a cold plunge in the ravine and we will also have some time to walk through the trail and take in the nature around us.

It is a day filled with connection – connection to nature, connection to others and connection to self. If this resonates with you, please join me for this experience.

✨ Lunch, snacks & tea included!

✨ Reiki level 1 Certification upon completion

✨ For any questions feel free to contact me at 

✨ Register for the day here: