Rising Spirit Community Women’s Circle

Rising Spirit Community Women’s Circle

Each Community Circle has an emphasis on connection, inspiration, encouragement and opening ourselves to the mysteries of the Divine Feminine (and Masculine) within. Shoulder to shoulder, we will joyfully gather in sisterhood to share and witness the stories of others from a place of deep compassion, humility, divine grace, gratitude and unconditional love. Give yourself the gift of sitting in sacred space with others who support you on your Authentic path.  The benefits of sitting in such a Circle include greater clarity and self-awareness, more balance in your spiritual and physical life and ultimately more centeredness in your heart space.

$25 per session.

Circle begins April 24th 6:45-8:45 (runs every other week until July 31)

Please contact Marigold Rose to register at hearthandhaven@yahoo.com

Marigold Rose is an experienced facilitator offering Circle Medicine that brings women together to connect with themselves and each other. As a Women’s Circle facilitator, Marigold creates a safe space where women can connect, heal, be seen, be heard, and be celebrated for who they are, as unique individuals. She is passionate about holding Sacred Space for the woman who feels the deep yearning of her heart as a call. A call to connect to and explore their deep inner wisdom. A call to know who she is beyond the limitations of her narratives. A call to remember the power of her feminine. A call to express their true selves.