The Healing Earth Lodge Ritual For Women & Men

The Healing Earth Lodge Ritual For Women & Men

About This Retreat:
  • Retreat Date: October 14-15
  • Session Facilitator: Heloisa da Silva Porto
  • Fee: $280

The Healing Earth Lodge is a ritual of purification based on old traditions around the world such as Temaskal, InipiSweat lodgesCabana del Sudor, among many other names. (North America, South and Central America, Africa, Siberia etc.) The Healing Earth Lodge is a ceremony with the aim of purifying body, mind and soul using the power of the elements and a deep connection with the Earth. It is a powerful and transformational experience that can take one into a deep connection with the Earth Spirit and the Divine Mystery of life.

The Ritual is a process to help facilitate the western mind to become empty and enter into the womb/heart of the Earth. In the heart of the ritual, through the presence of hot steam coming from burning red stones, the body sweats and cleanses. As emotional issues arise, they are named and offered to Spirit to be carried away, and participants surrender into the Earth’s womb as the primordial container of death and life. The Earth embraces it all in her darkness, offering the potential to experience an emptiness and/or oneness with the Earth. Spiritual presences are welcomed to awaken in one’s body/spirit a new energy and inspirational vision to one’s life. The ritual is formed in two rounds: the first phase we call the Death/Dying round and the second round is called Rebirth. With the loving compassion of the Earth, the Elements and Spirit, we surrender to the healing that is there for us.

This is a one night retreat stay beginning at 3:00 pm on Saturday and ending at 3:00 pm on Sunday. 

Link to register:

Contact Heloisa da Silva Porto for further information.


About Heloisa: Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO) assisting clients with trauma, depression, anxiety, spiritual search and others for their better emotional and spiritual development. She is in private practice since 1997. Studied and practice SRT – Spirit Releasement Therapy with the author of this methodology in 2003 and has been teaching it since 2008, bringing her deep understanding of these phenomena also through the lenses of ancient shamanic traditions.  Among many other trainings as Somatic Psychology, Regression, Shamanic Practices, Heloisa is an initiated Elder of the Dagara African tradition in the West.