The Magic of Your Moon Cycle for Women

The Magic of Your Moon Cycle for Women ~ with Kim Corrigan

About This Workshop:
  • Dates: Saturday, May 13, 2023 
    • 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
  • Fee: $60

The Magic of Your Cycle is a three-hour workshop held in the sacred space of the circle. Together we will take a journey of your cyclic nature, the menstrual cycle, identifying and uncovering the magic you innately hold within you.  We are cyclic beings.  The cycles and rhythms are part of our lives, whether or not we pay attention to them, from the cycle of our days, months, and years, the cycles of the moon and the sun, the cycle of nature and the seasons, the cycle of life and more.  When we become aware of the movement through the cycles, we open the door to greater connection to ourselves.  This allows us to tap into the wonder of our own being and our power.  It is our own personal map to harnessing the energy, beauty and magic that is within us.

In this workshop you will gain:

:: a deeper understanding of your menstrual cycle and the cascade of hormones sending messages to your body throughout the month
:: an awareness of your cyclic nature in connection to the seasons and the moon
:: an awareness of the characteristics and emotions of each phase of the menstrual cycle
:: an understanding of how to live with and in awareness, acceptance and alignment with your menstrual cycle
:: tools to honour your cyclic nature, and ways to nurture and nourish yourself in each phase
:: a deep knowledge of your magic and power, and how to use it to create the life you want

This workshop will provide you with the tools to help you reclaim your relationship with your cyclic nature, but ultimately the information is already inside you. Kim’s goal is to assist you in making sense of the information, and provide guidance as you connect to your own magic.