Turn-Around Tuesdays

For registration for workshops, email bookings@risingspirit.ca. 

Just Breathe!

  • First Tuesday of each Month: Oct 3, Nov 7, Dec 5
  • Fee: $40 (includes HST) per workshop or $105 for all 3 dates

October 3 with Sarah Hart

Moving Into Stillness with the Breath.

Our breath is one of the most effective ways of connecting to stillness because it’s always present and readily available to us.  Connecting to stillness is connecting to peace, to presence, to life.

This workshop utilises meditative breathwork aimed at teaching a variety of pranayama techniques with the intention of expanding our nervous system capacity.  We will create tolerance to stress and become more resilient in our relationship with it.

We’ll start our evening with a meditation, flow into different pranayama techniques and learn their benefits.  This evening will finish with a nourishing sound healing experience.

Benefits of learning these breathwork techniques include:

  • Ability to soothe the nervous system before reacting
  • Alleviates depression
  • Increased capacity to stress
  • Empowerment in your own healing journey

November 7 with Julie Okerlund

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a powerful breathing practice that releases stress, unprocessed emotions and trauma from the body and can transform your life. Breathwork oxygenates and alkalizes the blood to increase feelings of aliveness. CCB allows us to enter into alternate states of consciousness, where you can safely explore the realms of your own healing potential and release energy that no longer serves you, setting your body, mind and spirit free. Not suitable if you are pregnant or epileptic. Are you ready to deeply transform your life? Let’s breathe!.

This breathwork class uses a mat, bolsters and blankets. All props are provided; however please bring your own mat if you have one.

December 5 with Caelan Wilson

Guided Relaxation & Meditation

  • 2nd Tuesday of each month: Oct. 10, Nov. 14. Dec. 12
    • with Cynthia Banks

Description **

  • Fee: $20

Come & Drum! Drumming Circle

  • 3rd Tuesday of each month: September 19, October 17, November 21
    • with Julie Ditta

This night will start with a meditation and then let the drumming take us on a creative, energizing, music-making journey that is never the same twice.  You don’t need to know how to drum or have previous musical experience to be part of this unique circle.  There is no right or wrong way to drum and no pressure to perform.  We embrace the flow of free form drumming.  Just let go and drum.

Drumming shifts difficult emotions, grounds you in the present, restores vitality and raises your vibration,  It is a bridge that gets you out of your head and back in touch with your heart.

  • Drums provided if you don’t have one!
  • Fee: $25 (includes HST) per workshop or $60 for all 3 dates

Energy Moves ~ Reiki Circle

  • Last Tuesday of the Month: Sept. 26, Oct. 31, Nov. 28

Feel the healing power of energy through your body.  Feel the abundance in your life grow.  There is no denying the depth of changes you will feel on the healing path.  Reiki and Energy work creates openness, increases intuition, A deep connection with others, and access to non-physical realms.  This beautiful night will begin in circle with discussion, followed by practice.  No reiki or energy healing experience necessary.

  • This workshop is by Donation