Wising & Rising Up ~ Weekend Retreat

Wising & Rising Up ~ Weekend Retreat

About This Retreat:
  • Retreat Dates:  April 28-30
  • Session Facilitator: Cynthia Banks & Kim Corrigan

It’s not just about life extension!  This weekend retreat is all about health optimization and how to tweak your cells to live healthier, longer, and ‘rising up’ with the healthiest brains, bodies and attitudes while aging.  You will learn about light and circadian rhythm, mindfulness, blood sugar and insulin, making poor health and sleeping patterns better, manifesting neuroplasticity, hormone balance, how to live more confidently with the cycle of the moon, resentment rage writing, and breaking moulds.

This weekend experience includes gentle yoga, breathwork, mindfulness meditation, a drumming circle, guided relaxation, your choice of healthy food, juice detox or intermittent fasting, body movement, and discussion.  You will also meet 1 x 1 with a Holistic Lifestyle Educator covering your personal patterns around movement, rituals, nutrition, and sleep support.  Let’s wise up and celebrate healthy aging!

Accommodations & pricing: click here.

To register: bookings@risingspirit.ca or 905 260 3777.