Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation Workshop

Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation Workshop

About This Workshop
  • Date:  October 20, 2022  (7:00 – 8:30 pm)
  • Instructor: Jennifer Steffen

You will participate in a Magical Evening of Sound Healing Meditation + Raising your Vibrations! Restore wellness to your body, soul & spirit with a blissful 90 min of revitalizing Sound Healing vibrations.

What to Expect: The sonic waves will melt away stress and invite you into a state of deep relaxation. Sound Healing is effective because it influences not only our physical body, but our emotional bodies as well.

The Benefits of Sound Healing: Engages Higher States of Consciousness, Unblocks Stuck Emotions, Reduces Anxiety and Stress, Induces Rest & Deep Relaxation, Facilitates Deep Meditation, Helps Overcome Insomnia, Eases Depression, Reduces Blood Pressure, Relieves Physical Pain, Releases Emotional Trauma, Raises Focus & Increases Clarity & Creativity, Your central nervous system will thank you for allowing it some time to rest while you completely relax and get recharged!

What to bring: All props are provided but feel free to bring your own props too!
– Yoga Mat, Blanket, Pillow, Water (optional: Crystals you’d like to charge)

What to wear: Super comfortable clothes 😊

  • Fee: $55 + HST

Please email to book or with any additional questions regarding this workshop.