Workshops & Day Retreats

Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation Workshop

About This Workshop
  • Date:  October 20, 2022  (7:00 – 8:30 pm)
  • Instructor: Jennifer Steffen

You will participate in a Magical Evening of Sound Healing Meditation + Raising your Vibrations! Restore wellness to your body, soul & spirit with a blissful 90 min of revitalizing Sound Healing vibrations.

What to Expect: The sonic waves will melt away stress and invite you into a state of deep relaxation. Sound Healing is effective because it influences not only our physical body, but our emotional bodies as well.

The Benefits of Sound Healing: Engages Higher States of Consciousness, Unblocks Stuck Emotions, Reduces Anxiety and Stress, Induces Rest & Deep Relaxation, Facilitates Deep Meditation, Helps Overcome Insomnia, Eases Depression, Reduces Blood Pressure, Relieves Physical Pain, Releases Emotional Trauma, Raises Focus & Increases Clarity & Creativity, Your central nervous system will thank you for allowing it some time to rest while you completely relax and get recharged!

What to bring: All props are provided but feel free to bring your own props too!
– Yoga Mat, Blanket, Pillow, Water (optional: Crystals you’d like to charge)

What to wear: Super comfortable clothes 😊

  • Fee: $55 + HST

Please email to book or with any additional questions regarding this workshop.

Breathwork with Julie

About This Workshop:
  • Date:  Thursday, November 3, 2022  (7:00 pm start time)
  • Instructor: Julie Okerlund

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a powerful breathing practice that releases stress, unprocessed emotions and trauma from the body and can transform your life. Breathwork oxygenates and alkalizes the blood to increase feelings of aliveness. CCB allows us to enter into alternate states of consciousness, where you can safely explore the realms of your own healing potential and release energy that no longer serves you, setting your body, mind and spirit free. Not suitable if you are pregnant or epileptic. Are you ready to deeply transform your life? Let’s breathe!

This breathwork class uses a mat, bolsters and blankets. All props are provided; however please bring your own mat if you have one.

  • Fee: $35 (includes HST)

Please email to book or with any additional questions regarding this workshop.


Flowing Stillness ~ Movement, Meditation & Sound Workshop

About This Workshop:
  • Date:  November 20, 2022  (7:00 – 8:30 pm)
  • Instructor: Kate Carson

Flowing Stillness is a peaceful journey of mindful movement, guided meditation and deep relaxation. This workshop begins with gentle movement followed by a Yoga Nidra practice accompanied by the sacred sounds of crystal singing bowls and chimes. Nourishing and restorative for your entire being, we will slow it all slow down, relax and let go through mindful movement, stillness & healing sound vibrations.

Kate explains the benefits of ‘real rest’ as an introduction, takes you through an intro meditation and some gentle movement leading into the Yoga Nidra and the Sound bath Meditation. This workshop ends with a journaling exercise.  

  • Fee: $45 + HST

Please email to book or with any additional questions regarding this workshop.