Journey Through the Chakras

Journey Through the Chakras

About This Weekend Retreat:

  • Retreat Date: March 22-24
  • Retreat Facilitator: Sharon McGuire

You are more than just a body. You are a confluence of energies. You have chakras – spinning disks of light/energy that run along your spine and when they are out of balance they can affect your emotional and physical well-being. 

In this weekend retreat, we will explore 7 of the major chakras, where they are located, how they connect to major meridians and organs, and how to recognize when they are out of balance. Through sound bowl healing, reiki, yoga asana, chanting and meditation you will learn to open and align them.  This is your time to reset and reconnect.

This all-inclusive retreat includes:
  • Friday night sound bowl healing session
  • Yoga & breathwork sessions (beginner-friendly)
  • Reiki, Chanting & Meditation
  • 6 delicious & comforting meals, afternoon & night snacks, and coffee & tea
  • Cold-pressed, organic juice throughout weekend
  • free time to enjoy our river, ponds & forest
  • massage chair session, infrared sauna & cold river dip access

Additionally, please see our massage services tab if you’d like a description of the massages you may purchase as an add-on for your retreat weekend. 

Accommodations & pricing: click here.

To register: or 905 260 3777.

More about Sharon:

Learning and guiding others on a path of health and wellness has been my lifelong passion. It led me through 42 years of my very rewarding career in nursing,  becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher, and over 25 years of yoga practice. I have completed the CYT-200 hour training plus another 300 hours (including traditional Chinese Medicine for yogis and C.A.R’s -controlled articular rotation) and am nearing completing 100 hrs certification in Yin Yoga. I love to blend Qi Qong, Reiki and other modalities into every class I teach. I have found them to be very impactful for me in my own life, and I have witnessed the impact on all my students – on and off the mat. My goal is to continue to share yoga. Hopefully, along the way, others will come to know the simplicity of movement, breath, and rest in stillness on their path of yoga. ~ Sharon